I'm in Seattle

I'm in Seattle today and then Portland in the next day or so. So, if you would like to meet up, you know how to contact me...
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The Big List Of Computer Security Conferences

I'm trying to plan out my schedule for the next few months. Some of you may find this a useful reference. It'd be really neat if someone were to enter all this info into a public Google Calender or something (like ConThingy, but that looks a little bit broken at the moment).

CFP Final Deadlines:

Black-Hat Vegas       : May 15
Recon                 : May 15
BruCON                : May 15
DefCon                : May 27
ToorCon Seattle       : Jun  1               : Jun  1
OWASP AppSec USA      : Jun 14
TakedownCon Vegas     : Jun 30
HashDays              : Jul  3
HITB SecConf Malaysia : Jul 15
Source Barcelona      : Jul 15
SecTor                : Aug 15
Black Hat Abu Dhabi   : Sep 15

Ever Conference I Can Find:

May 12-13 : Internet Security Operations & Intelligence 9 [Dulles,VA,USA]
May 17-20 : HITB Security Conference                   [Amsterdam,NH,NLD]
May 18-19 : Takedown Con                                  [Dallas,TX,USA]
May 27-29 : ph-neutral 0x7db                              [Berlin,BE,DEU]
May 28-29 : LayerOne                                     [Anaheim,CA,USA]

Jun  7-10 : OWASP AppSec                                   [Dublin,L,IRL]
Jun 10-12 : Summercon                                   [Brooklyn,NY,USA]
Jun 15-16 : Source-Seattle                               [Seattle,WA,USA]
Jun 17-19 : ToorCon-Seattle                              [Seattle,WA,USA]

Jul  8-10 : RECON                                       [Montreal,QC,CAN]

Aug  2- 4 : Black Hat Briefings                        [Las Vegas,NV,USA]
Aug  4- 7 : DEFCON 19                                  [Las Vegas,NV,USA]
Aug 10-14 : CCC Camp                                   [Finowfurt,BB,DEU]

Sep  8- 9 : Sec-T                                      [Stockholm,AB,SWE]
Sep 19-21 : BruCON                                    [Etterbeek,BRU,BEL]
Sep 19-21 :                             [Luxembourg District,LUX]
Sep 22-23 : OWASP AppSec                             [Minneapolis,MN,USA]

Oct 10-13 : HITB Security Conference                [Kuala Lumpur,KL,MYS]
Oct 18-19 : SecTor                                       [Toronto,ON,CAN]
Oct 26-29 : HashDays                                     [Lucerne,LU,CHE]

Nov 14-18 : Source-Barcelona                            [Barcelona,B,ESP]

Dec  6- 7 : TakedownCon Vegas                          [Las Vegas,NV,USA]
Dec 12-15 : Black Hat Abu Dhabi                           [Abu Dhabi,ARE]
Dec 27-30 : 28C3                                          [Berlin,BE,DEU]

Not listed: BayThreat, San Diego ToorCon, various BSides.
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Table Saw

Is there anyone near Mountain View, CA with a Table Saw that I could use? I don't want to have to buy one just to cut a few two-by-fours; Nor sign up for a communal workspace; Nor rent one for a day. Basically I want to make some wood smaller, and I don't want to spend money to do so.

Belated update

I've been meaning to write something here for a while, but you know, life keeps on happening. I was going to announce that I'm going to Sweden, but now I've left Sweden. I was there speaking at Sec-T, got interviewed by the press, and was randomly invited to a rave out in the middle of the woods — but still within public transit access, since this is Sweden after all. (It was basically just like the renegade parties in the bay area if you were wondering.) So, then I took a train from Stockholm to Malmö and crashed with my old friend atavist. We took the bus to Copenhagen (yes, over the sea) and I hopped onto a night train to Leuven, by way of Köln and Liège-Guillemins. On this trip, I've encountered quite a few people who didn't speak English. Switching rapidly between English, Swedish, German, French, and Dutch/Flemish has got me so that I'm totally saying the wrong words whenever I try to speak to someone. (I mean like mixing words and syntax from three languages in the same sentence.)

Friday I presented a seminar at COSIC, and spent most of the day there talking to people. (More news later…) And Saturday I got my breakfast, and lunch at the farmer's market here in Leuven. Then explored the city for a while. (The Fonske statue is missing from the Fochplein!) And I'm about to head to Brussels tomorrow to catch a flight back to Arlanda via Riga - to catch my return flight to the US. I'll be wandering around in the streets of Brussels tomorrow afternoon — it's a no-car-day tomorrow. (Speaking of which, I have not been inside a car since I left California.)

Oh, and I'm also going to be speaking at SecTor in Toronto next month.